Scholarships & Other Opportunities

Scholarships and opportunities I have been made aware of: 

(listed in order of application deadline/event date)

Please use caution. Some scholarships contains scams.  Read all the material before deciding if you want to apply.


America Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship Sponsored by Monsanto Funds – Seniors
       Due:  Feb 1 (you submit online and would need 2 farmer endorsements by Feb. 8)
       This scholarship is for students from rural communities who plan to study in an Ag related field
       More information can be found at www.GrowAgLeaders.com
       Application:  FFA.org/scholarships (You do not have to be an FFA member to apply)

Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors – Seniors
       Due:  Feb. 1 (you mail so they get by Feb. 1)
       Must plan to major in Heavy Equipment or Diesel Engine Repair
       Application:  Paper application can be picked up from Mrs. Blome’s office.

Kansas 4-H Scholarship – Seniors
       Due:  Feb. 1 (if you mail allow time to get there by the deadline)
       See state website for more information
       Application:  KS 4-H Scholarship

Southland Cruisers Scholarship – Seniors
       Due: Feb 12 (to Mrs. Blome...Feb 15 if you send it yourself)
       Must be planning to major in automotive repair or auto body repair
       More details can be found at Char Di Messick’s Facebook page
       Application:  Simply write your story (how you became interested in cars, plans to study, experience, etc.)

Kansas Association of Plant Facilities – Seniors
       Due: Feb. 15
       Scholarship is only for children whose parent or legal guardian is actively employed in a K-12 or
       secondary education  institution and engaged in a buildings and grounds, food service or
        transportation position.
       See website for more information and application.

Rudd Foundation Kansas College Scholarship to help Pell Grant-eligible Students attend ESU, WSU, FHSU
        Due: March 11 at midnight Central Standard Time
        This scholarship covers any remaining cost of attendance after all other aid, grants and scholarships are applied
        to the student’s account.  Cost of attendance could include tuition and fees, books and supplies, and room
        and board.  Preference will be given to first generation and underrepresented students
      Must be a US Citizen, Graduate in 2018, Unweighted GPA 3.0 or higher, completed FAFSA and qualify for a Pell Grant
      Must plan to attend Emporia State University, Wichita State University or Fort Hays State University full-time in Fall 2018 
      Apply online:  www.ruddfoundation.org/college-scholarships

Kansas Masonic Foundation – Seniors
       Due:  March 15
       Visit their website for more information, they offer several categories of scholarships (general, legacy, disability, technical)
       Information/Brochure: Click Here
       Application:  KS Masonic Foundation

PRHS Alumni Association Scholarship 2018 (Parker Rural High School) – must be a relative of a PRHS graduate
       This committee plan to award 3 scholarships of $400 at their Alumni banquet on April 28
        Application:  Paper form available from Mrs. Blome
        Due:  You mail the application so it is to them by March 20

Crime Stopper Scholarship
        Due:  March 23 (you need to mail so they have it by that date)
  Crime Stopper Scholarship Application

Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship – Seniors who have particpated in junior golf, including high school golf
      This is an academic scholarship for students who have particpated in golf.
      Scholarship will be awarded based on academic performance, leadership, a written essay and financial need.
      Due:  March 30
      Application:  www.kansasgolffoundation.org

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