Assignments for Mon. (10/19/2015) through Friday (10/23/2015).

Monday: (19th).

      -Grade p # 18 terms (9-2)

     -Grade Note-taking worksheet (9-2).

     -Viewing prepared slides (microscope skills)

Tuesday: (20th)

     -Viewing prepared slides (microscope skills)

     -Discussion 9-3 respiration/fermentation/photosynthesis.

     -Test 9-2 (I will review every question before the students take the test.).

Wed: (21th).

     -Grade note-taking worksheet 9-3

     -Grade Term worksheet C# 9 P# 35.

Thursday: (22nd).

     -Test on 9-3 (photosynthesis,respiration, fermentation)

     -Short lab on osmosis (salt water solution egg).

     -Short demonstration on diffussion (salt water solution and an onion cell).

Friday: (23rd).

     -Term Test (study from p# 35 worksheet).