7th Science 2017


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Feb. 26- March 2        Lesson 2 Quiz

Feb. 19-23           Friday’s Secret Language of Plants Video         Video Questions        carnivorous plants Video   

Feb. 12-16          Lesson 1 Quiz              Biomimicry Video                  Nature Live WebCams

Feb. 5-9              Unit 2 Pretest

Jan. 29-Feb. 2      Cells Test Study Guide       The Blue Planet Video (Can email 10 main points from video for make up points)

Jan. 22-26       Lesson 2 quiz (Fridays)

Jan. 16-19

Jan. 8-12         K.A. Cell Study    Life Science Glossary

Jan. 3-5 :         Welcome Back!        Hidden Life of  the Cell Video

Dec. 11-15        Balancing Chemical Equation Prac.

Dec. 4-8           Chemical Equation Matching Practice

Nov. 27- Dec. 1

Nov. 20-21   Turkey Quiz

Nov. 13-17           Mon. Atomic 3  Tues. Elemental H.  Wed. Elements4  TR. PTable4  Fri. PTable5

Nov. 6-10             Monday Density1        Tues. PT3   Wed. Cp1    TR Atomic 1    Fri.Puns3  Friday’s Weather

Oct. 30 – Nov. 3         Monday PT1   Tuesday PT2   Wed. T 1      TR P1   Fri. P2

Oct. 23-26                Element Flashcard Link  

Oct. 16-20                   

Oct. 9-13                     MAPs Comparative Data Chart 

Oct. 2-6                        Structure of Matter Pretest              Calculating Mass/weight/force problems    Calculating Density                                                                                                                                                          Solving One Step Density Equations

Sept. 25-29                  Unit 1 Intro to Engineering and Science Study Guide

Sept. 18-22                   Voc. Study Guide Mod. A        Equinox/Season Video (6min.)        

Sept. 11-15                   Biosphere 2 Video

Sept. 5-8                        Wolves Changing Yellostone Link  

Aug. 28 – Sept. 1               Unit 1 Lesson 1 Quiz   Engineering & Science

Aug. 21-25                         

7th Science Syllabus

First days of Junior High…….

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