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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements for ACHS
4 Credits of English/Language Arts
     English 9
     English 10
     English 11
     English 12
3 Credits of Social Studies
     World History – 10th grade year
     American History – 11th grade year
     American Government – 12th grade year
3 Credits of Math
     Must include Alg 1 concepts prior to graduation
     Standard enrollment would be Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg. 2 as a minumum.
3 Credits of Science (some students may vary, but Biology is required as one of the 3)
     Earth/Space Science or Physical Science – 9th grade year
     Biology – 10th grade year
      3rd Science of choice – 11th grade year
1  Credit of Health/PE/Safety
     Health/PE/Safety – 9th grade year
1 Credit of Fine Art/Oral Communication
     0.5 Speech, Theater Arts
     0.5 Fine Art elective (any vocal or instrumental music, art, or foreign language)
0.5 Credit of Service Learning
     60 hours of Service Learning logged with Mr. Sibley
Electives to total numbers needed for class to graduate
25.5 Class of 2018 and beyond

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