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Contact information for Neosho County Community College courses:


Wendy Rossman ( - NCCC Director of Outreach (our concurrent coordinator)

Fall Offerings:  Honors English 12 (Comp 1), College Alg
Spring Offerings:  College Am. Government, Honors English 12 (Comp 2), College Algebra

Cost:  $441 per 3 hour course (all courses offered are 3 college credits).  Payment and payment plans must be arranged and paid directly to NCCC.  Payment can be made through the MyNeosho student portal under the myFinances tab, over the phone (Elizabeth Vogel, 620-432-0339) or payment can be made in person at the Ottawa Campus.  You only pay for 1st Semester courses in Aug and 2nd Semester courses in January (pay the semester you are enrolled in the class).


If a student is interested in taking a class for college credit, the first step is being admitted to the college.  This can be done at anytime after their Sophomore year at  Select the Ottawa Campus, then click on the “apply online” link (or wording similar an online application process).  This process is free.  “Non-degree seeking” is codeword for high school student.  Completing this process should generate an email in 24-72 hours that the student has been accepted and what the students’ NCCC ID number is.  This number is important.  Keep it in a safe place, where you can easily access it.  See your counselor for the next step.

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