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7-8 Technology Spring 2021 Robotics


“The Git Up” – Dance Challenge          The Automobile 1st 100 yrs.          Modern Concept Cars

 Getting Mars Tech Challenges

Lego Mindstorm Competitions:

Novice:   Knock over the Flag                 Maze         Sumobot


Advanced:   Drag Race               King of the Hill             Sumo Wrestler     



EV3 Make Code Link

NXT 9797 Parts List

EV3 45544 Parts List



 Getting started                                                                  Motor Block Programming;                 

EV3 Manual                                              NXT Manual – NXT Sensor Block activities


NXT Programming help link (Khan Academy)





“The Incredible Machine”

NXT STEMcentric Mindstorms

EV3 Mindstorms STEMcentric 

EV3 Build a robot projects

Strider _ Walkersbot

NXT 9797 Build a robot projects

More Mindstorm Projects

Robotic Videos PBS

Make up Credit Points

NASA Curiosity Mars Rover | Ultimate Mars Exploration Challenge | Nature Documentary : Type summary of main points and send to Mr. Ball via email.



Robotic Videos PBS : List 3 main points on the video focus, can list multiple videos if needed for points.

Robotic Vocabulary: Pick voc. words to copy definitions and turn in handwritten copy

Technolgy Text Book Quizzes : Complete quiz and email results to


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