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About Our Junior High

In our Resource Room (JH Individual Development) your child will learn study skills for middle school and beyond. Your child has a better chance of succeeding in college (and life) if he/she masters school survival skills now. With your help, our goal is to help your child get organized and learn to study effectively.

We will help each student set up their notebooks for English, social studies, science, and math. We will create a homework folder for them to put Work IN Progress/Completed Work to be Turned In. How can you help? As your child moves toward independence they are less likely to ask for your advice. They will need to go through some trial and error to come up with the strategies most compatible with their learning style. You will want to encourage your child to take responsibility for their own school work. You can help by monitoring homework, asking questions, and helping them evaluate what works and what doesn't work in completing their assignments and staying organized.

We will teach your child how to use their daily planner and record all assignments for their core classes. Please check their planner on a regular basis! We will record in their planner missing assignments and highlight tests or long term projects. If you have any questions about their homework please call or text me! 785-204-1516 Text Me! I'm always here to listen or problem solve!

If your child is struggling with organizational skills...please visit with me and we can brainstorm together approaches to solve them. Please communicate with all your child's teachers and me on a regular basis. We want your child to do his/her best, have a fantastic year, and continue to make progress!