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About Our Junior High Special Education Resource Room

WELCOME TO 2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR!   This is my 23nd year as a special education teacher! We have been cleaning and organizing our resource classroom to begin the new year!  Please call if you have any concerns or questions about our program. Your student will now have JH Individual Development listed on their class schedule instead of SPED.

What Are Resource Rooms?
Resource rooms are classrooms (sometimes smaller classrooms) where a special education program can be delivered to a student with a disability. It is for the student who qualifies for either a special class or regular class placement but needs some special instruction in an individualized or small group setting for a portion of the day. Individual needs are supported in resource rooms as defined by the student's IEP. Sometimes this form of support is called Resource and Withdrawal (or pull out). The child getting this type of support will receive some time in the resource room which refers to the withdrawal portion of the day and some time in the regular classroom with modifications and or accommodations which is the resource support in the regular classroom. This type of support helps ensure that the inclusional model is still in place.

My Role

In the resource room, I have a challenging role as to design all instruction to meet the specific needs of all my students to maximize their learning potential. I will work closely with your child's regular classroom teacher and you the parents to ensure support is indeed helping the student to reach their full potential. The teacher follows the IEP and will take part in the IEP review meetings. The teacher will also work very closely with other professionals and para professionals to support the specific student. My paras and I, in the resource room,  will work with small groups helping in one to one situations when possible.

I will be in three different buildings: ACJH :

                                                         Greeley Elementary:

                                                         Westphalia Elementary :

It's About Meeting Their Needs

Some older students feel a stigma when they go to the resource room. However, their individual needs are usually met better and I will work closely with the regular classroom teacher to help support the child as much as is possible. The resource room tends to be less distracting than the regular classroom setting. Many resource rooms also support the social needs of their students in the small group setting and will provide behavior interventions. It will be very rare for a child to spend more than 50% of their day in the resource room, however, they may spend up to 50% in the resource room.

Students in the resource room are usually assessed and tested in the resource room as it provides a less distracting environment and a better chance at success. A child will be re-evaluated every 3 years to determine special education eligibility.

 Debbie Manning:  Now to tell you a little about myself. I graduated from Benedictine College, Atchison,Kansas in 1980 with a BA in Secondary Education with a major in English. In 1995 I graduated from the University of Kansas, Lawrence,Kansas with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction/Reading Specialist and Learning Second Grade! My youngest granddaughter is Jubilee, 3 years old, and what a true joy she is! She has now a baby brother, Charlie James, who is one year old!  I use to live on a farm near Kincaid, but now I live in Olathe, Kansas which is a much further drive to school. I have to leave really early to be here to help students before school. I also have a huge dog,  Goliath who gives me unconditional love. Goliath has grown to a whopping 100+! He is my protector and best  friend...LOL!  This year a big challange continues...going to Westphalia and Greeley! Lots of learning new things for me!

Our paraprofessionals are: Trish Wittman, Morgan Hurt, and Janie Blevins


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