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College Algebra Syllabus


College Algebra Syllabus

Mrs. Shelley Alexander

Plan: 4th Hour (10:12—11:03) ∞ Room 116 ∞

Course Description:

College Algebra is designed for students that have successfully completed Algebra I and Algebra II in high school. Topics covered are: polynomials, rational expression and radicals, equations and inequalities, absolute value, functions and graphs, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and systems of equations and inequalities. Students will be expected to have access to and use a graphing calculator.

Materials needed for this class every day:

  • Charged school-issued computer
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Student Handbook
  • White board marker

Classroom Rules:

  1. Come to class PREPARED
  2. Turn off and PUT AWAY your PHONE
  3. Bring only WATER with a LID


Assignments are 20% of the overall grade.  Assignments are anything that is not a quiz or a test.   Assignments may be graded for completion and/or accuracy.

Assessments are 80% of the overall grade.  Assessments include quizzes and tests.  These are graded for accuracy.  Quizzes may be retaken up to a week after the first attempt.  The two quizzes will be averaged for the final score.  One test per quarter may be retaken.  The higher of the two scores with be kept.

Additional Help:  Get help quickly when you need it!  Do not wait for the quiz or test!

Come see me during Advisory if possible.  I am also often available from 7:30—8:00am and 3:10—4:00pm.  Stop in my classroom.  If you tell me in advance, I can set up a specific time to meet with you.