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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I’m Mrs. Howard and I teach English 9, Creative Writing, and English 365. Please find the syllabus for your child’s class located above. Simply click the arrow to the left if your child’s class is not currently displaying.

If you are looking for upcoming assignment deadlines or what is currently being taught in class, please feel free to follow these links to see our calendar, agenda, and more. English 9Creative WritingEnglish 365

If you need to reach me, my email is:

If you’d rather speak over the phone, please call the office (785-448-3115) and ask for me specifically. My schedule shows when I have classes and when I have a quiet room when I could take your call.


1st Hour (8:00 – 8:49)

2nd Hour (8:53 – 9:42)

3rd Hour (9:46 – 10:15)

4th Hour (10:19 – 11:08)

5th Hour (11:38 – 12: 29)

6th Hour (12:33 – 1:22)

7th Hour (1:26 – 2:15)

8th Hour (2:19 – 3:08)



English 365

English 9


Plan Period

English 9

Creative Writing

English 9

English 9