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What are Career/Vocational Classes?

Career/Vocational Classes


ACHS, Neosho County Community College (NCCC) and Flint Hills Technical College (FHTC) have partnered together to allow juniors and seniors to get ahead start in same career areas. The 4 areas listed below fall under Senate Bill 155 or what is now called EXCEL. This means the State of Kansas will cover the tuition of these classes. In the past, ACHS has paid most of the fees. Because ACHS covers a majority of the cost, if you fail to obtain a certification for any reason (i.e., behavior, academics, etc.), you must repay USD 365 the dollar amount they paid for your program. Welding does also have a Blueprint Reading workbook that students must purchase the 2nd semester (approximately $100). Please keep this in mind when enrolling in the classes. Space is limited in all programs and a screening process will apply. Because of the limited space, you may only enroll in one of these programs.

Optional English and/or Math Credits for Vocational Programs (Embedded Credit)

This program is only associated with the NCCC Welding, NCCC HVAC programs and Flint Hills Automotive Technology. This program allows a student to earn an extra Math credit and/or an extra English credit through the vocational classroom.  Earning this credit is based on enrolling in the vocation program both their junior and senior year (two full years of enrollment in the same program), and on scoring a minimum score the Work Keys Test given at the end of the junior year.


Parents:  In other words, as a junior enrolled in one of these programs, your student now has the option to not enroll in a math class their junior year and/or English their senior year. If during their junior year they take the Work Keys and score high enough, a “Technical Math” credit and/or “Technical English” credit will be added to their senior year transcript and count towards graduation requirements. If they do not score high enough, they will have to enroll in both math (unless they have already passed 3 full credits) an/or English their senior year. Some students may wish to stay enrolled in a math their junior year for insurance and/or plans after high school. Please note, the technical math and English are not considered the best prep for a 4-year college program.


Please contact the high school counselor, Ms. McCullough, at for more information.