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Hello!  My name is Brad Huber and I am starting my second stint at Anderson County JSHS.  I taught and coached here from the Spring semester of 2011 through the 2014-2015 school year.  After a few stops, I have landed here again, teaching high school and junior high business classes.  I am married with two kids.  My wife Shelly teaches at Spring Hill Elementary in Spring Hill.  We live in Paola, and that is where our kids go to school.  Our daughter Aubrey is a Senior this year and our son Jackson is a Freshman.  


Contact Information

School Number:     785-448-3115






Mr. Huber’s Schedule

Spring 2023:

1st Hour          8:00-8:49          Junior High Computer Applications

2nd Hour          8:53-9:42          Plan

3rd Hour          9:46-10:15          Advisory

4th Hour           10:19-11:08        Personal Finance

5th Hour          11:12-12:29         Junior High Careers               

6th Hour          12:33-1:22         Business Essentials

7th Hour          1:26-2:15           Junior High Careers  

8th Hour          2:19-3:08          Junior High Computer Applications