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Sponsor: Renee Duke and Meghan Owenby

Sponsor’s Email:

Meeting Location: ACJSHS Gym

Meeting Info: Practices begin late April/early May and go to February; Monday night practices 6-8pm; additional practices added when needed

Purpose:  The purpose of a dance team is to promote and uphold school spirit, to perform and entertain audiences through dances and sidelines, to be positive role models at all times, and to boost morale and spirit of the school and school district, while also developing character, leadership, and individual responsibility in each member.

The dance team is a sport that takes dedication and commitment. Our season begins in late April/early May and goes into the following February. The Crimson Dancers try to stay involved and encourage school spirit as much as we can! A few things we do are attend dance camp in June, work the Charity Fireworks stand in July, hand out popsicles to the football boys in August, give out accessories to various clubs and the student body for Pink Out night, attend all pep rallies and home games, we attend the Game Day Competition in Topeka in November, and put on a dance clinic for grade school children in February. Throughout all of this, we work hard, support each other, and have fun!