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Stacey Richards


7th Grade Social Studies


Welcome to Anderson County Junior High School!  We are looking forward to the start of your journey as a Bulldog.  We will spend this first semester exploring the world through Geography. We will consider the many different variables that help make a place special and unique. The second semester will focus on Kansas and all of the things that make it unique and special. Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!



CAREERS – 8th Graders

Welcome back to school!  8th graders, I am looking forward to seeing you this semester as we consider your future career and the education necessary to make those dreams come true.  We will discuss things that you should consider when exploring future careers and whether this is something that you would be happy doing. Career clusters and personality traits are all areas that we will discuss during our quarter together.  We will also select your classes for your Freshman Year.


Stacey Richards

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