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Senior Syllabus

Anderson County High School

12 Honors English/NCCC Composition


Mrs. Kneibler

First Semester Schedule

Week of

8/16--Parts of speech, phrases, sentences, verb and pronoun quiz

8/28--Punctuation, clauses, vocab. Quiz, grammar test, "My Name is Margaret"

9/5—Narration and description rough draft due

9/11--Narration and description final draft due

9/18--"Joyas Voladoras," "Remembering. . ."

9/25--Compare and Contrast final draft due

10/2--"Peak Performance," "Of Riot and Murder . . .," "How Flowers Changed the World . . . "

10/9--Cause and Effect final draft due, Beowulf, end of first quarter

10/16--Canterbury Tales

10/23--Vocab. Quiz, Canterbury Tales, test

10/30--Morte d'Arthur, quiz

11/6--Vocab. Test, "A Modest Proposal," persuasive letter

11/13--Persuasive letter, S+S ch. 15

11/20--Persuasive letter final draft due

11/27—Division and classification, “The Truth about Lying,” “The Technology of Medicine,” vocab., rough draft due

12/4-- Final draft due, The Importance of Being Earnest

12/11—The Importance of Being Earnest, review

12/18-- In-class essay, final


Second Semester Schedule

Week of:

1/6—Start research paper one, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Plagiarism, topic chosen

1/13—40 notecards due

1/21—Outline due

1/27—Rough draft due of research paper one (5-6 pages)

2/3—Research paper one Final Draft due, start A Tale of Two Cities

2/10—A Tale of Two Cities, ch. 16-30, Research paper two topic chosen

2/18—A Tale of Two Cities, ch. 31-45, 40 notecards due

2/24—The Grapes of Wrath, research paper two outline due

3/2—The Grapes of Wrath, Research paper two rough draft due

3/9—The Grapes of Wrath, Test, Research paper two final draft due

3/23—The Glass Menagerie, Research paper three topic chosen

3/30—The Glass Menagerie, 40 notecards due

4/6—The Glass Menagerie test, Research paper three outline due

4/13—Little Foxes

4/20—Little Foxes, Research paper three final draft due

4/27—Little Foxes, test

5/4—In-class essay, final


Texts: The River Reader and Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers.

Below are class policies that will help make this class efficient and organized. These policies will be maintained throughout the year. Please share this list with your parents/guardians.

Assignments:  All work is expected to be turned in on time. Unexcused late work may be turned in, but it may only earn fifty percent of the grade it would have earned if it had been turned in on time. If late work is not turned in, the grade will be recorded as a zero, probably on Wednesday of the week it is graded.

Academic Respect: Students will conduct themselves in such a manner that they do not interfere with the rights of other students to participate in all classroom activities and learn to the best of their abilities.

Extra help: I am available to students who wish extra help before school, during seminar and after school.

Class participation: It is essential that we all learn from each other. Being actively engaged in class will help you get the most out of it. Conversely, if you are an "enthusiastic" participator, be mindful of not dominating class discussions. Strive to strike a nice balance between speaking and listening.

Come to class prepared every day with the tools needed to do your job as a student in an honors/college class: book(s), computer, pens, loose leaf paper,