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Events in  ACJSHS  


Some popular sports in ACJSHS are Volleyball, Track, Football,and Cross Country. There are also many clubs such as, Japanese Club, FFA Club, Book Club,and Art Club. There is also some spirit weeks that Junior High and High School can participate in. Another event coming up is the opening of the  Coffee Shop, thats available to everyone! ACJSHS is a very fun school and have many activities to try and learn more about.


Did You Know…

Llamas can help with the coronavirus.

By: Emma and Marlee

Recently scientists found out llamas can indeed help with the coronavirus. Llamas perhaps have an effective treatment not a cure.  They have tiny natural antibodies inside them that can help treat their virus but not fully cure it.  Likewise other camel families have natural nanobodies that can help with the Coronavirus as well. 


Did You Know……..A Chinchilla can’t bathe in water?

By: Joni

Chinchillas and water just don’t mix very well. If these coats come into contact with water and become damp or fully wet, the fur can become tightly compacted together, creating a big, uncomfortable mess. The thick fur also can be extremely slow to dry, and can create chilling problems for chinchillas.

Therefore: Chinchilla plus water equals death.

Chinchilla, Rodent, Funny, Pet

Anderson County Junior/Senior High School -By Joni Tate


      Anderson County Junior/Senior High School is filled with lovely people and staff. The joy of being a student here at Anderson County is a lot higher than when I went to Westphalia. I am 8th grader Joni Tate and I am 13 years old. Everyone should come and join Anderson County because of the quality teaching and friends. 

      As a student of ACJSH I believe that everyone should join just because of the quality. Also the lunches aren’t that bad! Well I hope you enjoyed this Article and please read more of the Articles by ACJSH Journalism!

   Get To Know Mr. Meiss

    By:Walker Hermreck


Mr. Meiss comes to us from Richland,Missouri.  He earned his degree to be a principal at Sam Houston University in Huntsville,TX. He says he “didn’t intend to become a principal and started off as a teacher and began to love the big picture of school.” This is his third year as a principal. His favorite part of being a principal is “helping students move on.” Additionally, Mr. Meiss loves being at ACJSHS and enjoys the people,students,and teachers.

Mr. Meiss is married.And has three children. A daughter who is a senior, a son who is a junior.They have an older sister who is watching over them. He currently is living in Garnett



Monday 9/20 we have a game. We are going against WV at 4:00p.m. It is a home game so we will stay after school and then go to the locker rooms to get ready to paractice then we play. When one of the teams is playing your teammates on the sideline will be cheering you on the whole time.


 Last Summer

 By: Chaya 

Last summer my friend and his family took me to the Ottawa fair. When we got there, we bought wristbands and went on a ride that made the gravity all mess up. The ride looked like a big alien ship with the top all gone and it was yellow, blue, and black. Once we got on it started to go in a circle really slow at first but then it started to go really fast after a little.  After we got off we were all dizzy. Next we went on a ride that made it seem like we were skydiving. It was a ride that you would lay in and it would move in a circle. It would lift you in the air and it seemed like we would hit the ground but we didn't . 

There was another ride that we went on but this ride was different. It was a ship that rocked back and forth and my friend and I went all the way to the top of the shit and it would make you fly out of your seat. When it got dark we went on this ride called Freak Out. It was a big ride that had 16 seats and when we got on it we were strapped in. The seats were really tall seats and the guy who was controlling the ride made the floor go down. All of a sudden we started to rock back and forth for a little while and then we started to go in a circle really fast.

 The scariest thing was that we were about 50 feet in the air going really fast. My friend was so scared that he closed his eyes. Once we got off we were tired of riding rides so we went to Sonic to eat and then we went home. Once we got to his house it was 12 o’clock so we all took turns and showered and then got ready for bed. My friend and I stayed up and watched a scary movie and then went to bed. That is the end of what I did at the fair with my friend and his family.

My Summer


Over the summer my cousins came over almost everyday. We did a lot of Science experiments such as Fizzy Ice. Fizzy Ice is when you put ice in a bowl and add baking soda over it. Then add vinegar on top of it and the ice fizzs. My 4 cousins and I went to the library and we checked out eight books each. Finally I went to my aunt's friend's house to swim and  also hung out with Marlee. 



High School Sports

By Teagen

 There are many high school sporting events happening soon.High school football pictures are last friday August 30th. September 3rd there will be a high school  football game at the Parsons school at 7pm.There will be a high school volleyball game at FortScot at 5pm Tuesday September 7th. On September 10th at Westphalia there will be a high school football game at 7pm. You have to pay 4 dollars to get in to the games.There is a concussion stand at the football games so don’t forget your money.

Where I'm from


My sister and I were born and raised in Arizona.Then we came here after our moms 6 month trial to test the weather.It was so since then we lived here.Arizona was really hot.The temperture avereages around 110 degrees.A major event that happened while we live there there was a helicopters crash during a police chase. And the helicopters in the crash where the channel 15 and channel 3 news helicopters.Arizona is the home of the Grand Canyon.


ACJSHS Sports Games

By: Marlee 

On September 7, 7th grade JH Volleyball teams played at OZ at 4pm. A-team and B-team both winning their games. C-team splitting their games. 8th grade won all their A-team and B-teams.

4th of July

   By: Chaya 


One year on the 4th of July my family and I went to my grandparents’ house  with a lot of really big fireworks. When we got to my grandparents house, we took out all the fireworks and put them inside on a big table. After we put the fireworks down, some of our cousins pulled up with a lot of fireworks, so my family and I went to help them get the fireworks out.

After we got all of them out of the car we sat them on the table. The table was filled with fireworks, and it was so full that we had to put some on the ground by the table.There were a lot of people at my grandparents’ house. There were 15 people there  so my grandma had to make a lot of food for all of us.Once it got dark we went outside and got ready and started to light them off, but when we got to one that was big but not really and for some reason it tipped over and started shooting all over the place. 

The bad thing was my older brother got shot in the foot and it was really bad there was a big gash across his foot and my brother was screaming and crying because it hurt so bad. My dad and grandpa carried my brother inside and sat him down and got a cold rag to put on his foot where it got hit by the firework. Then we all got into a car and went to the ER and the workers cleaned his foot out and wrapped it up and we were able to leave, my dad and grandpa had to carry him out to the car.It took his foot 2 months to heal and that is what happened on the 4th of July last year.

Coffee Shop 

Emma Jordan and Sylvan Troyer

ACJSHS will soon be opening a coffee shop that is located in the Library, you may go sit down and enjoy! There may be more than coffee available. My sister Tatem Troyer will be working there in the morning for the first hour. Once they get more supplies for it they will be opening it soon. Everyone is really excited and can’t wait for the coffee shop to open.


Volleyball is a very fun sport that a lot of girls like. You should play volleyball because you will have so much fun practicing playing games. The coach will do the best she can to make you a better player. The first game is Thursday September 2nd at 4:00 p.m. The first game is a home game against V.S Iola..Next week sometime on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is when you know what team you are on. It is okay if you don't get on the team you want because they just tell you to work harder and get on the team you want.    


Book advertisement:  Into the Pit         By: Izabel Gregory

     Into the Pit is the first book from the book series Fazbear Frights. It is part of the famous FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) franchise. Being written by game developer Scott Cawthon and author Elley Cooper, It includes 3 spine chilling stories that horror lovers would love to read.

Into the pit

     With a boring summer ahead of him, Oswald spends his days at Jeff’s Pizza, an old faded pizzeria. After a fight, he decides to go into a ball pit to scare his dad. Unfortunately, his plans are interrupted when he comes back up to find himself somewhere else, or somewhen else.

To be Beautiful

     All Sarah ever wanted was to be beautiful. When she finds a robot named Elenor that says that she can grant her any wish, Sarah wishes just for that. But Elenor is not everything Sarah believes her to be, and Sarah’s life gets rearranged.

Count the Ways

     Millie who, with her parents away and just moved to her grandpa’s house, doesn't really fit in. With no friends, she goes through her days dreaming about death. After being heartbroken by a kid named Dylan, she hides from her family in an out of order funtime freddy animatronic. However, the broken animatronic isn't so broken, and it has a thirst for blood.


Moving from Texas

by Donovan

I came from a small city in Texas before I moved here. The city was called Saginaw and it is a suburb Fort Worth, so it was a fairly big town. It is hard to move into a smaller town and live in the middle of nowhere. The reason I moved here is because my dad got a job in Kansas City, Missouri. “But why Garnett?” is my most asked question. The reason that I have moved to Garnett is because my mom fell in love with this one house here and it is only an hour away from my dad's job in Missouri. But it is not as bad I thought it would be in this small town. The school is great, and the teachers are cool. And plus, it is easy to remember the town's layout because of how close everything is. Overall, this town is way better than where I had lived before.