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FACS/Culinary Science Program Courses

ADVANCED TEXTILES Semester Course- 1/2 Unit (Level 9, 10, 11, 12)


Prerequisite: Textile and Apparel, There is a $25 lab fee for this course.


This course provides students the opportunity to build upon their basic sewing knowledge and skills. they will have the opportunity to use a serger and embroidery machine, and a Scan ‘N Cut machine. Students can select and create their own projects depending on their sewing abilities, budget and creativity.  Students may enroll in this course and receive credit for it more than once if enrollment numbers allow. 


BAKING & PASTRY 1 Semester Course – 1/2 Unit (Level 10,11,12)


This course is designed to give a thorough overview to the baking and pastry portion of the overall restaurant and event management pathway. This class provides students with an understanding of the ingredients and methods used in creating breads, pastries, cookies, and other desserts. The fundamentals of dough and basic decorating skills are covered as well as baking equipment and baking costs. Students will participate in Cupcake Wars competitions and fulfill bakery orders for Star Dawgs Café.


BAKING & PASTRY 2 Semester Course 1/2 Unit (Level 10, 11, 12)


Prerequisite: Baking and Pastry 1


This course will expand on the learning in Culinary Essentials and Baking and Pastry 1 with an emphasis on baking and pastry techniques. Standards include food production equipment and tools, baking and pastry common ingredients, quality production management, preparation of yeast dough and quick breads, pies, tarts, cookies, cake decorating, pate a choux, custards, chocolate, and dessert plating. Students will create baked goods and new menu items for Star Dawgs Café, as well as filling custom orders. Level 11,12

CAREER AND LIFE PLANNING (Was Intro to Human Services) Semester Course 1/2 Unit


This course serves as an introduction to Family & Consumer Sciences and will introduce students to the skills and strategies needed to be focused, productive individuals. Emphasis is placed on goal setting, decision making, time and personal management. Development of workplace skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to be successful in various career, community and family settings will be incorporated throughout this course.


CAREER CONNECTIONS Semester Course, 2 hours- 1 Unit

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Semester Course, 2 hours-1 Unit


Must have taken two FACS classes and be interested in pursuing a career in the Human Services field.


Career and Community Connections is a course which applies the technical skills in careers related to providing for the needs of humans. This professional learning experience is outside or within the school environment and provides the opportunity for learners to focus on 21st century skills and acquire job seeking and retention skills needed to advance within this unique workplace.

CONSUMER & PERSONAL FINANCE 1st Semester Course only - 1/2 Unit (Level 10, 11, 12)


This course provides students the opportunity to learn about the RESPONSIBILITY of living on their own. A wide variety of topics are covered such as learning the difference between needs and wants, how to be resourceful and manage resources, consumer rights and responsibilities, financial planning, cost and benefit analysis, opportunity costs, saving and investing, insurance, financial literacy, comparison shopping, how to fill out forms, avoid consumer fraud and how to be a smart consumer.

CULINARY ESSENTIALS Semester Course 1/2 Unit Technical Level (Level 10,11,12)


This is a basic cooking course that introduces students to food safety and sanitation, knife skills, commercial kitchen roles, culinary industry careers, and foods from around the world. Skills learned in Culinary Essentials can be used at home or in a culinary career.


CULINARY APPLICATIONS Semester or Year-Long Course, 1 or 2 hours a day (Level 11, 12)


This course requires students to apply skills learned in previous culinary and FACS courses in a real-world work experience at Star Dawgs Café or another food/beverage service. Students will use safety and sanitation rules, customer service skills, food preparation knowledge, and inventory/sales tracking to make decisions and provide quality experiences to customers.


CULINARY ARTS I Semester Course, 2 class periods (Level 10,11,12)


Prerequisite: Culinary Essentials


In this course, students will practice mise en place, scaling ingredients, kitchen math, plating and presentation, customer service, and the use of commercial kitchen equipment. Students will prepare stocks, sauces, soups, and fresh salads, along with many other types of food. Students in this course will complete a food safety and sanitation program and pass the ServSafe Manager exam to receive an industry certification. This class meets for two (2) class periods back-to-back, so students have more time to complete culinary labs.


FAMILY STUDIES 1st Semester Course only 1/2 Unit


This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of parents throughout life, family structures, childhood growth and development, as well as balancing work and childcare needs. Students will gain knowledge and be prepared for the real world of having and raising children, installing car seats, sanitizing bottles, planning a nursery budget, and caring for an infant simulator are among the many hands-on projects which will engage students.

HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Semester Course - 1/2 Unit (Level 11, 12)


Students will be introduced to human development by learning about major researchers and their theories on child development.  Students will study life stages and relationships that will begin, end and last throughout a person's lifetime. They will learn how to successfully start and maintain healthy relationships and how to end unhealthy relationships.  Students will learn how to build intrapersonal skills through communication, technology, decision-making, and conflict resolution.


HOUSING Semester Course 2nd semester only – 1/2 Unit (Level 10, 11, 12)


This class fulfills a Life Skill requirement.


This class will cover all areas of housing including furnishings, decorating, selecting and purchasing a home, as well as, designing floor plans. Students will express their individuality, creativity, decorating skills and recognize career opportunities in areas of housing. 


TEXTILES AND APPAREL Semester Course - 1/2 Unit (Level 9, 10, 11, 12)


There is a $25 lab fee for this class.


This course provides the student with the opportunity to study fabrics and develop basic construction techniques. Projects will be selected based on the individual's ability, needs and wardrobe. Students may enroll in this course and receive credit for it more than once.