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Mrs. Kneibler's daily schedule:

                                                    1st. hour: 8:00-8:49---Eighth Grade English

                                                    2nd. hour: 8:53-9:42—Eighth Grade English

                                                    3rd. hour: 9:46-10:15--Homeroom

                                                    4th hour: 10:19-11:08---Eighth Grade English

                                                    5th hour: 11:12-11:35Planning Period

                                                    Lunch: 11:35-12:02

                                                    5th hour:  12:02-12:29--Planning Period (cont.)

                                                    6th hour:  12:33-1:22– Seniors Honors English

                                                    7th hour: 1:26-2:15---Introduction to Foreign Language/Journalism

                                                    8th hour: 2:19-3:08---Seniors Honors English


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