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WEIGHT TRAINING Semester - 1/2 Unit (Level 9, 10, 11,12)

This course is designed for students to become bigger, faster and stronger through weight and cardiovascular training. There are "core" lifts that are done every day in class. Core lifts include bench press, hang cleans and squats. The amount of weight lifted is based off of the individual's % towards their max. Two "core" lifts will be performed every day in class. Along with the "core" lifts, the students will have six other lifts to perform.  The students are required to complete their workout sheet every day they are in class. The students will max out three times each semester, every six weeks. The maxs will be used while the student lifts during the next cycle in percentages toward their max. Extra incentives for the students will be clubs: 700 lbs. - 1000 lbs. These clubs are based off the student’s maxs in the three core lifts. This cycle will continue throughout the semester. Cardiovascular fitness will include timed runs, stairs, and track workouts. Students will be graded on participation and improvement in the core lifts. This is a participation class so regular attendance is paramount. Student-athletes taking this class will NOT be excused from lifting on game days. Each student will need to obtain a perfect score on a weight room safety test before he/she will be permitted to participate.